LogoHave you ever wanted to travel someplace but been overwhelmed by the prospect of planning your trip? Or are you the person who feels you must have every minute of your trip planned or you will miss something or perhaps, be arrested and spend the rest of your days in a foreign prison making friends with rats? Well then, this site is for you.

Drop Me Anywhere is a partnership between you and me. I know what you’re thinking, ‘I don’t recall entering a partnership. Was I drunk?’ Well, you may well have been (I’m not one to judge). But this partnership is non-binding (yes, I have a fear of commitment too) and, my hope is that it’s a partnership that you’ll come to love – like Batman and Robin (you can be Batman if you have the really cool car). Although we will not be saving Gotham City, we will be doing some pretty exciting things.

So what is it exactly? It’s the first interactive travel writing/reading site. You, my loyal readers, vote on where to send me without a plan. In most cases, I’ll depart for the destination within two weeks. I will report to you on the adventure as well as providing you with links to lodging, activities and other vendors which I use. I’ll also include the prices of different aspects of the trip so that, even if you travel without a plan, you can get an idea of what your budget should be.

There are a couple other unusual aspects to this site. First, airfare is expensive. Until I can convince the airlines that they should just comp. me out of the goodness of their hearts (ba-ha-ha!), I need your help. I’ve started a program which I like to call “Kickstarter Miles.” It is in no way affiliated with the Kickstarter website. Instead of asking for monetary donations to this project, I am asking for frequent flyer donations. In return, you’ll receive similar gifts as you would on a Kickstarter campaign. Donate miles and you may receive a thank-you on the “Supporters” page of the website. Donate more and you can receive an autographed copy of my future book – a collection of these and other snarky travel essays. Donate more and I’ll spend a day volunteering with the non-profit organization of your choice. With all donations comes the added bonus of me buying you a drink if I see you in person!

The other unusual aspect of this is the philanthropic part. On each trip I will commit to volunteering for a day, or part of a day with an organization working in the area in which I’m traveling. I will then share their story with you at www.Rebel-With-A-Cause.org.

So, please return your seat-backs and tray tables to an upright position and stow your carry-on luggage. Don’t turn off your electronic devices just yet because you still have to click on “Vote” and tell me where to go (insert your own joke here).

Welcome to Drop Me Anywhere!


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