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If you’ve been following the Drop Me Anywhere adventures in Kuala Lumpur on Facebook or Instagram or maybe even Twitter you’ll know that, last week, I went on a spectacular cable car ride. Not like the cable cars in San Francisco, but what Americans might call a sky-ride (we also write dates differently than the rest of the world, but don’t get me started).

I was led to the cable car by my Twitter friend Pinky. Yes, I knew her from Twitter and, now that we’ve met in person, she’s my real-life friend. (Don’t confuse this with my imaginary friends as I’m told that I should talk about them as it scares people.) Anyway, Pinky is from India (yeh, I Cable Carknow, but she totally understands my feelings about my experience in India) and she and her husband, Joy were vacationing in Malaysia for a week. (Spend the day with people named Pinky and Joy and you know you’ll have fun.) We met up for a drink one evening and the next day took monorails, taxis and buses to Genting Highlands to ride a cable car over the jungle. Between the beautiful green trees, the spectacular views and steep ascent/descent it was amazing. We even saw monkeys swinging in trees below.

Pinky’s joy (not to be confused with Pinky’s husband, Joy) with this experience was infectious. Pinky loves cable cars! She started telling me about some others she’s been on and I realized there are lots of them in Asia. (I also realized there’s a children’s book I need to write called, Pinky and the Cable Car.) There are so many around here that I’ve decided that’s what the theme of this next vote will be. I’ll stay in Asia as, each country is so different, I feel the need to explore more. Still, they share a common bond – cable cars.

I’ve listed some of the areas in which I can ride one of the spectacular cable cars. Now I just need you to choose. Note that I won’t spend the entire trip on a cable car (though it would be cool to break a Guinness World Record for most time on a cable car), I’ll also explore the surrounding area and tell you what other fun and interesting things there are to do.

As always, you can click the “Other” category and write in your own candidate (as long as it fits the theme of cable cars in Asia). I’ll update you on “Other” nominations you can back in the comments section below as well as on DMA Twitter and Facebook. If there’s a tie, I’ll let Pinky be the tie-breaker. Oh and if you want to follow Pinky on Twitter, her handle is @PinkZenJoy and her blog is

This Vote ends on May 7 at 9:00am Eastern Daylight Time and 6:00am Pacific Time in the U.S. That’s 2:00pm in London (or maybe 1400 if you do military time). That’ll be 3:00pm for my friends in Budapest. And for all of my other Virtual Travel Buddies around the world, well everyone just stop procrastinating and vote early and often.

Remember, you can vote once per day per electronic device (well, not your blow-dryer or iron or anything but, you know).

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