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After visiting four countries, it’s time to bug out of Asia. I know what you’re thinking; it’s only been three Asian countries – India, Indonesia and Vietnam (I just arrived!). Aah, but there was the undisclosed location of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Okay, I might have disclosed it somewhere along the way, but it was unofficial.) When I worked out of my house, I would do a trip for a week or ten days, and then return home afterwards to catch up, apply and wait for visas, take care of personal business, write for clients who, well, actually pay me, and rest. Now that I’m on the road full-time (it’s been over five months!), I still need to schedule a bit of “in-between” time. Often that’s in the same country you’ve dropped me in. But, here in Asia, due to limited allowable stays on visas, as well as some other variables, I’ve been using Kuala Lumpur as my base. Round-trip tickets from here a pretty inexpensive; usually less than continuing straight on. Also, there are all kinds of embassies here; it’s where I got my Vietnamese visa. And, did I mention the shopping malls? Kuala Lumpur is like Las Vegas, only instead of casinos, there are shopping malls. The malls have amusement parks (one with a roller coaster), basketball courts, running tracks, entire floors dedicated to spas, and even a five-story mall filled only with to electronics. Yup, Kuala Lumpur is a good “in-between” place.

All good things must come to an end and now I’m moving on, But where too? Well, if you were paying for this, I’d say, “Anywhere!” But, since I’m paying for this, I’m choosing the next closest continent – Australia/Oceana. Now, there are a few smaller islands around which I could go to, and which some websites list as part of Australia or close enough that you could smell their shrimp on the bar-b, but, again, money rears its ugly head. New Guinea, for instance, sounds amazing. And Vanuatu, made famous in America by the TV show Survivor would be great! But, with tickets in the $1,000-$2,000 range, well I’m not Mark Burnett. So, let’s stick with some more affordable locations (at least as far as air travel goes) until I get me a sugar daddy or, perhaps, sponsors. Or, perhaps, the next vote. . .

Your choices for this vote are in the countries of Australia and New Zealand – lands of Kookaburras and Kiwis or, if you’re a movie buff, Crocodile Dundee and Lord of the Rings. Let’s not start arguing about which, if any, continent New Zealand is on. If you search online, you’ll read that it’s on Oceana (sounds like a Kevin Costner movie), Zealandia (a Ben Stiller flick), or on absolutely no continent (contrary to everything I learned in elementary school). Some of the cities (states? provinces? I’m not sure what they call them which is good enough reason to go there and find out) you’ll recognize, and some you may never have heard of (also a good reason to go there).

I’ve offered two capitals – Canberra (Australia) and Wellington (New Zealand); two lesser known locations – Coffs Harbour (Australia) and Taupo (New Zealand); and two better known places – Sydney (Australia) and Auckland (New Zealand). As always, you can feel free to enter your own nominee in the “Other” category, and I’ll provide regular updates to all of our Virtual Travel Buddies on the “Other” nominations, in the comments section as well as through Drop Me Anywhere Facebook and Twitter pages, in case you want in in on that action. The only requirements for “Other” nominations are that the nominee must fit the current theme. And, while I guarantee I’ll visit the location you choose, I may just explore some other areas of the chosen country. Again, I travel without too much planning.

Don’t forget, you can vote once per day per electronic thingy. This vote closes on June 13th at 8:00am Eastern Daylight Savings Time, 5:00am Pacific, 11:00am GMT, and 7:00pm in Hanoi.

I can’t wait to tell you what it’s like Down Under (oh so many jokes in my head) or to go searching for Hobbits! (Hmmm, perhaps my memoir will be called My Sugar Daddy Was A Hobbit.) Please vote early and often!


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