Rum BottleI’ve written before about my ritual for when the vote comes in. I drink a glass of a good single malt whiskey to toast my next location and new adventure. No scotch whisky for me today. Today’s celebratory drink is rum, which seems a bit more appropriate. While you could have chosen the Big Bottle of Wine, there’s no guarantee it would have been a bottle of red, my wine preference, and I’d also need to visit the Big Cheese as, well, it’s nice to have cheese with your wine. That all might lead me to the Big Poo which, well, I hear that attraction is a big pile of crap. Hmmm, I hear it stinks? (Okay, I’ll stop.) Anyway, I’ll be heading to the Big Bottle of Rum pretty quickly.
I’ve been here in Sydney for the past ten-days awaiting your decision. As the Big Bottle of Rum is in Bundaberg, Queensland Australia, I’ll get close by flying to Brisbane. It’s really easy to get there as there are buses, trains and flights. Still, Australia, like the U.S., is a big country and the bus and train each take fourteen-hours or more. The many flights are fairly inexpensive costing about $100 for a one-way ticket. As there are so many, it’s easy to get a reservation (especially at this time of year) so I’ve just booked a flight from Sydney to Brisbane for tomorrow (no time like the present).
A fun coincidence is that Farmer Jane’s parents live there (remember Farmer Jane from the Lord Howe Island trip?) so I’ll stay with them for a few nights before heading out to find the big bottle of hooch. I’m thinking of trying a do-over with the camper van. While it didn’t go so well with My Man Friday, Camper van Beethoven and I got along swimmingly so, perhaps, three’s a crowd and I just need to spend some quality time with my man, the van. Yup, an Australian road-trip seems to be calling me.
You, my Virtual Travel Buddies, and I will check out Brisbane and the Bundaberg, the location of the Big Bottle of Rum and, since we’ll have wheels, we’ll see what else there is to see (and try not to make road-kill out of a kangaroo). As always, I’ll work hard to find a great organization or project with which to volunteer and let you know about my experience here and more about the organization on
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