VOTING IS NOW CLOSED! Please click here to find out where you decided to drop me.
Are you questioning your vote in the last election? Do you feel as if the country is heading south? While I can’t change anything there, I can offer you another opportunity to vote. Not for President, but for a Drop Me Anywhere destination. As promised, another voting opportunity is here. And while it may not change the future of the country, or the world, it could cheer you up and give you a sense of control. There’s no Electoral College here; popular vote wins. No two months until I take office as I’ll depart within two weeks of the voting results being tabulated. No long campaigns either – you only have about 3 weeks to vote, but you can vote more than once. In fact, you can vote once per day per electronic thingamajig.
I’m currently leading some tours of the beautiful U.S. national parks and, since I’ve sold my house, I’ll need a place to be in August in between trips. I’m hoping you can help out by telling me where to go (yes, we’ve heard the joke). As always, I’ll find a volunteer opportunity wherever you send me and I’ll tell you about the experience on
We never got to Central or South America on the original Drop Me Anywhere trips so let’s head south together. Click on your choice once per day per electronic device. Or click on “other” and name a place which fits into the theme of Central or South America. As WordPress won’t allow you to see the “Other” results, I’ll update them periodically in the comments section below should you wish to join in on the rebels of “other.” Voting ends on July 21st at midnight Eastern Time, 9:00pm Pacific Time, 4:00am GMT (what the hell are you doing up? Go to sleep!), and well, just figure out your time from there. Or better yet, vote early and often.
I’m looking forward to traveling with you again, my Virtual Travel Buddies. Let’s go show people that not all of us to the north are crazy.

Voting extended until July 22nd at 10:00 pm Eastern time.

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