SanctuaryThe voting is now closed and we actually have a winner. We knew I’d be heading south but the question was; where? Well, we now know. It was our closest vote yet but, after a tie-breaking extra day of voting, Colombia has narrowly beat out Belize. I’m sure I would have enjoyed the supposedly beautiful beaches of Belize, but I’m pretty darned excited about meeting my dream man, Juan Valdez.
As usual, I’ll head down in within two weeks without much of a plan. I’ll find fun things to do, interesting people and a great volunteer activity.
In the meantime, I’ll hang out at my Miami Airbnb, do some laundry, cook some meals (a treat since I sold my house) and catch up on some other work. By the way, this Airbnb has a slow cooker and a blender. A treat for a location independent gal. Tomorrow I’ll do a grocery run and make this place smell just like grandma’s used to. Oh, I’ll be booking some airline tickets and maybe the first couple nights of my stay until I land and get my bearings and figure out where I should stay.
Now, it’s time to pack your bags (oh wait, you’ll be virtually traveling so you should be able to just go carry-on) and I’ll see you when I’m on my way to Colombia.

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