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Hi, I’m Carole Rosenblat and I thought you should know a bit more about me. I consider myself a writer and not a blogger. What’s the difference? I’m a snob about words and grammar. I’ve loved words since I learned to talk (ask anybody). I find it incredibly satisfying to find just the right word or phrase to describe a situation (sometimes that word can’t be used in a PG-rated article). Words, like music, have harmony and rhythm. I’ve been known to cry when reading a perfectly formed sentence or paragraph.

In 2009 I began writing professionally (yup, people actually paid me.) and more assignments soon followed. It also led me to start a snarky blog (uh oh, does this make me a blogger?) called My Own Adventure. I’m also a Super Hero in Training (S.H.I.T). I have this crazy idea that the world is filled with little (and big) acts of heroism. I am constantly on the lookout for opportunities to help others. Never underestimate the value of a random act of kindness. I started another blog Rebel-With-A-Cause.org (crap, maybe I am a blogger) focused on philanthropy (okay, blogger/philanthropist). In addition, I write copy for corporate clients’ tour brochures, client communications, articles for news media, and corporate blogs (I guess I’m a blogger).

I’ve also loved travel ever since I could walk. I’m traveler, not a tourist – same reason as the writer/blogger thing. I’ve worked on cruise ships (entertainment department), in hotels (I was the Director of Fun!), as an adventure tour guide (yup, camped for 6 months at a time) and as an international tour director on private yachts, trains and buses. I’ve even lectured on travel/tourism, unconventional volunteering, and female empowerment at universities, trade schools, and other groups. The one thing I don’t enjoy about traveling is the planning. Because of this, much of my travel is on the fly. Yup, little to no planning. What I’ve discovered is that many of my “trips of a lifetime” were the ones which were, for the most part, unplanned.

I started Drop Me Anywhere in January 2014 and, in December of 2014, I rented out my house, sold my car, furniture and most of my clothes to finance this project and write a book. I left the U.S. on 12-13-14 (it seemed appropriate) and have been on the road since. I sold my house in May of 2017 and officially became location independent.

I’m an experienced public speaker (stage, classroom or on camera), pen for hire and semi-awesome car singer. Please contact me for your writing needs, guest blogging, or speaking engagements (inspirational, travel, leadership, philanthropy and women’s issues). Follow Drop Me Anywhere on Twitter @DropMeAnywhereFacebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+. Considering hiring me to write something for you or to speak to your group? Check out my LinkedIn profile. Also, feel free to contact me if you’d like to buy me dinner. Thanks for stopping by.

I’ve been quoted by: Associated Press, Der Spiegel, TodayShow.com, Washington Post, ABCNews.com, The Huffington Post, KPNX (NBC 12 News Phoenix), Independent Traveler, When On Earth, Japan Today, Travel Pulse, Edmonton Journal, Africa Aviation, Travel Pulse, The Detroit Jewish News, and more.

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