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An interactive travel site where readers choose the locations to send a travel writer. Oh, and there’s humor.
A tour company for women who want to travel in small groups with a travel writer. Yeh, there’s bound to be humor here too.

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About the blog

Have you ever wanted to travel someplace but been overwhelmed by the prospect of planning your trip? Or are you the person who feels you must have every minute of your trip planned or you will miss something or perhaps, be arrested and spend the rest of your days in a foreign prison making friends with rats? Well then, this site is for you.

Drop Me Anywhere is a partnership between you and me. I know what you’re thinking, ‘I don’t recall entering a partnership. Was I drunk?’ Well, you may well have been (I’m not one to judge), but this partnership is non-binding (yes, I have a fear of commitment too), and my hope is that it’s a partnership that you’ll come to love – like Batman and Robin (you can be Batman if you have the really cool car). Although we won’t be saving Gotham City, we will be doing some pretty exciting things.

So what is it exactly? It’s the first interactive travel writing/reading site. You, my loyal readers, vote on where to send me without a plan. In most cases, I depart for the destination in two weeks or less. I’ll report to you on the adventure as well as providing you with links to lodging, activities and other vendors which I use. I’ll also include the prices of different aspects of the trip so that, however you choose to travel you can get an idea of what your budget should be.

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About the Author

Hi, I’m Carole Rosenblat and I thought you should know a bit more about me. I’ve loved words since I learned to talk (ask anybody). It’s incredibly satisfying for me to find just the right word or phrase to describe a situation. Words, like music, have harmony and rhythm. I’ve been known to cry when reading a perfectly formed sentence or paragraph. 

I began writing professionally in 2009 (yup, people actually paid me) after some company owners and corporate communications officers read my first blogs. Some hired me to write company brochures, some for client communications, and some for their corporate blogs. Due to a talent for humor writing, one hired me to bring the funny to their corporate blog. Before long (ok, it seemed like forever), my work was being published in national and international magazines and websites. 

I’ve also loved travel ever since I could walk. I’m a traveler, not a touristI’ve traveled to 65 countries and all 50 states. I’ve worked on cruise ships, in hotels (I was the Director of Fun!), and as an adventure tour guide (camped for 6 months at a time and rotated the tires and changed the oil on a 15-person maxivan on a regular basis). I’ve also worked as a domestic and international tour director on private yachts, trains, and buses. 

Finally, I’m an international speaker on subjects including general travel, location-specific travel, creative volunteering, working on cruise ships, overcoming obstacles, and female empowerment. 

So there you have it; I’m an experienced public speaker (stage, classroom, or oncamera), pen for hire, and semi-awesome car singer. Please contact me for your writing needs, guest blogging, or speaking engagements.  

Besides reading the Drop Me Anywhere blog, check out my writing portfolio here and stop by my Work With Me page. Of course, feel free to contact me if you’d like to buy me dinner. Thanks for stopping by.

Drop Me Anywhere
Tours for Women

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to go somewhere but your husband, boyfriend, girlfriends, whoever, either doesn’t want to go, can’t go, or simply has commitment issues. (If it’s your husband you may have a problem there.) Drop Me Anywhere’s motto is, When you want to travel solo, but not alone. And, as I’ve been a tour guide for 20 years and have traveled to 65 countries, maybe you think about coming with me as I’ll be guiding these trips. And you also get to travel with a travel writer!

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Carole is a pen for hire writing about travel, current events, cruising, family travel, leadership and more. She is also an international speaker on subjects including female empowerment, leadership, living your passion, unconventional volunteering, travel locations, working in travel, and the cruise industry. Carole enjoys speaking to students in travel, tourism and hospitality, as well as business groups, community groups, and even younger students and has done so from Arizona to Australia. If you would like to contact her regarding an article, blog, brochure, press trip, or speaking need, please complete the contact form below.


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About Drop Me Anywhere

Drop Me Anywhere is a travel site that offers a glimpse into what it’s like to travel with two suitcases and without a plan. Drop Me Anywhere also offers tours for women who want to travel solo, but not alone.

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