HGlobeello Virtual Travel Buddies! It’s, once again, time for another vote. As I’m currently homeless and traveling full-time, they’re coming a little faster now.

It’s been fun and interesting (definitely not warm) spending Christmas drinking Glüwein with the Germans. I’m now looking at future holidays and one coming up soon after the new year is Valentines Day. Alas, it’s a lonely life on the road and I could use a little romance. As I’m currently in Europe, and many places here are known for romance, I thought maybe I’d stick around for a bit as, well, it will be much easier on my body and my bank account if you don’t have me flying back and forth over land and sea constantly. Sure, now that my house is rented out, there’s no reason for me to fly back across the Atlantic, but we also don’t need to rush to get to other continents. We’ll get there eventually, but let’s have another glass of Glüwein or two, shall we?

So, back to love. Wait, love? I didn’t mean that. I just meant, well, you know, a girl can get lonely out on the road all by herself. So consider yourself my dating service. You won’t choose who to fix me up with (I’ve made that mistake before), but you will choose where to fix me up.

In this next vote, I’ve included some of the locations rated in various travel articles as the most romantic cities in Europe. Get me there and I’ll try to find Mister Right (or perhaps Mister Right Now). Convince me that romance is not dead.

Go to the voting page link here and the poll is at the bottom (because I still haven’t figured out this who tech. organization part).

Remember you can vote once per day per electronic device and I’ll update the results regularly in the comment section of the Current Vote page as well as on the Drop Me Anywhere Facebook Page. This vote ends January 20th, 2015 at 4:00pm Eastern Standard Time – that’s 1:00pm Western Standard Time, 9:00pm in England and. . . oh heck, look at your iPhone and it’ll tell you. It’ll be 10:00pm here in Germany and I’ll be ready for bed after a couple of Glüweins.

Now, Go Vote! (please)

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