1. Angie Norris
    December 24, 2014 @ 11:34 pm

    Merry Christmas from across the ocean!


  2. Frank
    December 25, 2014 @ 12:10 pm

    Nice read again, thanks.

    As for your somewhat whining about the rainy, yet mild weather, the forecast has it that tonight the local temperature will start dropping below freezing. You’ve been kinda asking for it *lol*, now go for it! Some snow to be expected, more, if not much more of it on Monday.

    So check your host’s apartment for a sled, then head up (SW bound) the KuDamm up to Rathenauplatz. Ask for Halensee (park), it’s more or less just across the street at that roundabout. There’s a small slope by the little lake very close to Rathenauplatz ( …see = … lake). Kids – and older kids, i. e. some adults – make use of the small slopes for some winter fun. Better yet, head then for Devil’s Hill (Teufelsberg) with your sled.

    Btw, many Berliners spend New Year’s Eve on Drachenfliegerberg (that’s the hill north of Teufelsberg) to watch the fireworks all over the city. Great view. Absolutely no facilities there, though, be advised. Close to S-Bahn train station Heerstraße, not far off the Kudamm region.

    The lakes in Lietzensee park (very close to S-Bahn train station “Messe Nord”, you’ve been there while heading for “Westkreuz”) will see some skating and people playing hockey, once the lakes have developed a decent ice-cover (usually takes a couple of nights). A nice, well used park, sporting a lovely lakeside cafe/restaurant at the northern lake’s NE corner. That one is not far off the U-Bahn station Sophie-Chalotte-Platz, which, btw, is not far from the German Opera you went to.

    Oh, one more point, dunno why you have always used it differently right from the start, maybe it’s a secret code? However, deeming myself an advocate of both the product and of not discriminating certain characters: it’s – and has ever been – “Glühwein”. With a “Dehnungs-h” (lengthening h) to indicate that the ü-Umlaut is pronounced longer, unlike as in “Glück” (= happiness, joy, luck), f. i. Got that?

    Viel Glück! (viel = much)


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