1. Olga
    June 3, 2015 @ 5:57 pm

    I felt really angry that Sean stiffed you for some drinks. What the heck!


    • Drop Me Anywhere
      June 3, 2015 @ 7:10 pm

      Ha, yes, I felt angry too. And I texted him and let him know. Still, I look on the bright side as, let’s just say there were other ways he could have screwed me which I turned down.


  2. Rainbow Beach | Drop Me Anywhere
    September 18, 2015 @ 2:20 am

    […] as we talk. Just like most of the Irish I met (except for that Irish jerk in Da Nang, Vietnam – read here) these two are so friendly and enjoyable. We talk long after dark and Emma admits that she had a […]


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