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Hey there Virtual Travel Buddies! People have requested that I write on what it’s like to return to the U.S. after nearly ten-months abroad. I’ve changed and it’s interesting seeing things as an outsider. I’ve published this on My Own Adventure, another site I have as you didn’t vote for it. Still, I hope you’ll read it. Future posts will be on My Own Adventure so please be sure to subscribe. And I’ll keep you abreast on what’s in store for Drop Me Anywhere.

My Own Adventure

Hello readersAirport Line, both new and old. Some of you have been with me from the beginning and some are my Virtual Travel Buddies who have migrated over from If you’re new here, I should explain where the title of this blog came from. It was originally called My OWN Adventure and was started to promote my entry for the Win Your Own Travel Show on the new (at the time), Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). Well, Oprah is like a bad boyfriend and, though I sat by the phone, she never called.

I now use this site to express my, sometimes snarky, sometimes touching, and generally quirky, observations on the world around me. Feel free to check out some of the past stories below. I love a good discussion so comments are always appreciated. Let’s get started.

I’ve gone a whole week without writing and I’m going through…

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