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Have you ever wanted to travel someplace but been overwhelmed by the prospect of planning your trip? Or are you the person who feels you must have every minute of your trip planned or you will miss something or, perhaps, be arrested and spend the rest of your days in a foreign prison making friends with rats? Well then, this site is for you.

Drop Me Anywhere is a partnership between you and me. I know what you’re thinking; ‘I don’t recall entering a partnership. Was I drunk?’ Well, you may well have been (I’m not one to judge), but this partnership is non-binding (yes, I have a fear of commitment too), and I hope it’s a partnership that you’ll come to love – like Batman and Robin (you can be Batman if you have the really cool car). Although we won’t be saving Gotham City, we will be doing some pretty exciting things.

So what is it exactly? It’s the first interactive travel writing/reading site. You, my loyal readers, aka my Virtual Travel Buddies, vote on where in the world to send me without a plan. In most cases, I’ll depart for the destination in two weeks or less. I’ll report to you on the adventure as well as provide you with links to lodging, activities, and other vendors that I use. I’ll also include the prices of different aspects of the trip so that, however you choose to travel, you can get an idea of what your budget might be.

There are a couple of other unusual aspects to this site. First, is the philanthropic part. On each trip, I commit to volunteering for a day, or part of a day, with an organization working in the area in which I’m traveling. I’ll share their story with you, who they help, and how you can get involved at Rebel With A Cause.

The other part that’s slightly different than some other travel websites is that I actually travel. There are no Top Ten Lists here; no How to’s. This is storytelling at its best. Sometimes funny, sometimes touching, and usually informative. Oh, and since I sold my house, my car, my furniture, and most of my clothes to finance this project and write a memoir from it, I’m geographically fluid, traveling to the places you choose. If you’re a literary agent, publishing company, or you want to back this project, well, I’m just a girl who can’t say no (it sometimes gets me into trouble). If you’re an airline or sugar-daddy, drop me a line.

If you want to read about previous trips, just hold your mouse over ‘Stories From Where You Sent Me‘ to find your favorite. If we have a vote going, click on ‘Voting‘ in the footer to put in your two-cents (don’t worry, voting costs you nothing). 

In the meantime, please return your seatbacks and tray tables to an upright position and stow your carry-on luggage. Don’t turn off your electronic devices because you still have to click on “Vote” and tell me where to go (insert your own joke here).

Welcome to Drop Me Anywhere!

Stories from where you sent me

Budapest Parliament Nighttime

From Budapest to Krakow – a Jewish Heritage and Wine Tour

This Drop Me Anywhere Tour for Women is a Jewish Heritage and Wine Tour and can accommodate a maximum of 8 women, plus myself. This is not a religious tour, but more historical with a concentration on Jewish history and culture. If you aren’t Jewish (and if you are), you’ll find it incredibly interesting. Read on:

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The Great Migration

Hello adventurous Virtual Travel Buddies. I’m taking on a new adventure. That would be transferring my WordPress hosted website to a self-hosted one. It’s called

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Hello Delhi

It’s my final night in the great city of Budapest and I’m sad to leave. I’ve had some great experiences and met some wonderful people

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Australia & New Zealand


My Man Friday

Hello Virtual Travel Buddies! Did you sleep well? Yes? Well, that makes one of us. I had to get up at 5:00 am in order

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Māori and the Man

We awake this morning in a warm and toasty Camper van Beethoven as “Peter, the Heater” has worked much better than the one in the

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Central America

Mayan Pyramid

Oh Me, Oh Maya

The latest Drop Me Anywhere vote is now closed and you, my Virtual Travel Buddies, have told me where to go (better you, than the

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An American in Cuba

Hola Amigos! I’ve just returned from Cuba and thought I should tell you a bit about it. I know you’re wondering, ‘Did I miss a

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Viva La Revolucion

Immediately after landing at José Martí Airport, the main international airport in Cuba, and after waiting in the VIP lounge while are bags are loaded

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On a Wing and a Prayer

Top of the morning to ya Virtual Travel Buddies! I trust you slept well dreaming of leprechauns and Guinness (apparently your leprechauns are drunk). With

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North America


We Have a Winner

We have a winner for our first vote on Drop Me Anywhere, and let me just say, you people have a sense of humor. Without

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Oh Canada

Good morning friends. How did you enjoy the 3:00am wake-up call this morning? What? You slept through it? Well, I guess that’s one of the

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South America

Colombia Street Scene

Back in the Saddle

Here we go! Back on the road again. It’s 11:00am I’m sitting here at the Fort Lauderdale airport feeling as if it might as well

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