Joy in Jaipur


I wake this morning after a great night’s sleep. Was it exhaustion or perhaps just a safe place to land? Whatever it was, I gather my strength and decide to give India one last shot, leaving it up to Jaipur to lift me up. I come down to a nice breakfast of toast, fruit, cereal, […]



This morning I’m taking the train from Sawai Madhopur station, the train station serving Ranthambore National Park, to Jaipur Junction. I’m dreading another train ride. Trains? I love ’em. I’ve loved them in the U.S., Europe and even Africa (okay, that one was when I was tour managing and it was the Rovos Rail, known […]

Looking for Mowgli


After an extremely long day – the days seemingly longer due to the irritations – I drop my luggage in what is listed as a three-star room which, in America, would be a one-star room and go to the “restaurant” in the “resort.” There’s one guy sitting there and he seems to speak English. I […]

The Long Road to Rathambore

Taj Mahal

I’m up at 8:00 this morning. I saw sunset at the Taj Mahal so I see no reason to get up to see sunrise. I have a quick breakfast, and I mean quick as, when they asked the table of five what type of eggs we wanted and I ordered an omelet (they’re very basic […]

A Day at the Museum


Please note: This article should come before Training Wheels chronologically. With lack of Wifi and, sometimes, electricity, they’ve been written but are not necessarily posted as timely as I would like. Still, I hope you enjoy Following my rickshaw and Sikh temple tour, I hop on the metro and head over to a marketplace I’ve […]

Training Wheels

It’s an early morning, with a car picking me up at 6:00am for a 7:00am train to Agra where I’m going for one night to see the Taj Mahal. I was going to stay two nights but everybody has told me that Agra is, well, the term “pit” was used a couple of times. There’s […]

Rickshaws and Sikhs

Yoga at temple

I’m up early this morning, grab a 7:15 breakfast and head out at to meet Ritu, the owner of When In India, whom I met last night, as she’s invited me to take her tour today. I take the metro and head over to the Red Fort as the tour departs across the street. It’s […]

Temples for Tourists

Lotus Temple

I wake up this morning completely unrefreshed from my five hours sleep (darn that jet lag). Good to know that 4:30am looks the same in America, Hungary and India. I love finding commonalities in countries. Getting ready is no easy task. I showered last night as you must turn on your hot water tank for […]

A Bazar Day in India

Bazar Sights

After arriving at the airport and being greeted by my driver, we take a harrowing ride through the streets of New Delhi during which I count 14 dogs, 2 cows and an incredible amount of auto rickshaws. Auto rickshaws are tiny, motorized 3 wheeled vehicles in which you climb into the back seat and, perhaps, […]

Hello Delhi

It’s my final night in the great city of Budapest and I’m sad to leave. I’ve had some great experiences and met some wonderful people (you’ll read about the last two weeks or so in the book so, you know, buy it when it comes out). Tonight, I step outside my apartment to head over […]