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As this is a partnership between you and me, I’ve got the cost of the hotels, B & B’s, pensions, guest houses, hostels, campgrounds and park benches covered. I’ll even be picking up the dinner tab (just try not to order the lobster, please). But I’ll need your help with actually getting to the places. Although I would walk 500 miles (a little tribute to the Proclaimers) I’ve figured out that the most costly part of the project will be flying to and from locations. So here’s the deal – we’re doing a crowd funding-like program. Instead of donating money, you can do me a big favor by donating airline miles. Just use the contact form below (it’s private) or E-mail me at and I can give you the info. And the best part is, you’ll receive rewards just as you would with any other crowd funding project.

What’re you gonna give me?                                                      What’ll I give you?

3,000 miles                                                                                          A big thank-you on the “Donate Miles”Page

5,000 miles                                                                                          Consider this a pre-order for the book resulting from this project that is bound to be a best seller + what’s above

10,000 miles                                                                                       You get the book, but this time it’s autographed. Reading on a Kindle? I’ll sign that too (Geek Alert: I’ve got some autographs on my Kindle). And of course, a thanks on the website

15,000 miles                                                                                       Half a day volunteering for your favorite charity (restrictions apply).  In addition to this, you get all of the previous rewards.

20,000 miles                                                                                       A “Drop Me Anywhere” T-shirt (oh so fashionable!) + all previous rewards.

25,000+ miles                                                                                    An extra 1/2 day of me volunteering for your favorite charity – which brings the total to a full day (restrictions apply). In addition to this, you get everything else previously mentioned.

Here’s the form – Please be sure to let me know how best to contact you. It will be simple, and truly appreciated.

**Click here to see who’s donated so far

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