Well hello Virtual Travel Buddies. Thought I’d throw a little update out to you. I leave for Lord Howe Island tomorrow (well, here in New Zealand time). I’m not just taking an airport shuttle, I’m taking a Super Shuttle. What makes it super is beyond me as it picks me up at 4:30am. Could one of you please give me a wake-up call along with a huge cup of coffee?
Head2HeadBefore I leave, I wanted to let you know that, as our agreement for this project states, I finally found a volunteer opportunity here in New Zealand and I’ve just published the article on Rebel-With-A-Cause.org. It’s got environmentality, sustainability, fighting childhood poverty, kids, and even a hen-house! So please, click here to read it and feel free to volunteer, donate and share.
As for Lord Howe, apparently WiFi is like gold on the island so updates might be a bit scattered. Oh, and along with a wake-up call and coffee, could one of you pack for me too?
Next up – flying to a tiny dot in the ocean.

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8 years ago

[…] out volunteer opportunities in each location so as to give back to the local community. Carole is currently in New Zealand—go see what she’s up […]

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