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Hello Travel Buddies. I wanted to take this opportunity update you on a few happenings on Drop Me Anywhere. But first, in honor of Thanksgiving, I would like to give thanks for a few things.

First, I’m thankful for wheels on luggage. I know it’s hard to believe but, a long time ago in a galaxy not so far away, people were expected to carry their bags. Yup, while cavemen had invented the wheel so many years ago, it took millions more to get them put on luggage. That, my friends, is the definition of “eternity.”

Next, I’m thankful for earplugs and eye-shades. If you’re the person sitting next to me on the airplane, well, I’m sure you’re a lovely person. But I need you to go away for a while because sometimes the airplane is my only chance at sleep.

Next, I am thankful to have been nominated for Travel Blogger of the Year. While I may not have won, I must throw-out a big thank-you for the nomination. It turns out my gracious loser face is genuine. It really is an honor to be nominated. And while I’m really competitive and love to win, I now understand that I already have. Through the publicity for that nomination, we’ve won some new Virtual Travel Buddies. Welcome! And this past year has been a win. Each hurdle I’ve overcome to develop and grow Drop Me Anywhere has been a win. I’ve also won personally, by getting to know the people I’ve met along the way. From all of the people I’ve met while volunteering, to the nudist community in Oregon. From the family who invited me into their home in Ireland to my favorite bartender/tour guide in St. John’s, Newfoundland. From the staff and kids at Hekab Be Biblioteca to my three favorite drag queens in Limerick, Ireland. There’s no way I could consider myself a loser.

Finally, I’m thankful for you. All who have read, voted and supported Drop Me Anywhere so far. This, giving up my home, traveling without a plan (or a destination which I choose), and writing a book is a scary process. Your support and comments (both online and off) have meant the world to me.

Now for the updates:

Reminding you that there are only four days left in the voting for the next Drop Me Anywhere trip. Remember, this is an interactive site. You decided where I go and write about. And, due to the time of year, you’ll also be deciding where I spend Christmas. You should know that Christmas is my favorite holiday. I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t Carole a nice Jewish girl from Detroit?” Why yes, yes I am. But who can resist the joyful songs, the beautiful, twinkling lights and the feeling of “peace on earth and goodwill towards men?” The presents and food aren’t bad either. So please vote!

So far, drinking Glühwein in Germany is still the frontrunner. Some of you think I should go to Japan and drink Sake. In third place we have Danish Snaps (which just reminds me of the Addams Family – Ba-da-da-da, snap, snap) followed by French Champagne (classy). Puerto Rican rum comes in next followed by the write-in candidates in the “other” category. Each of these has one vote: Mexican Tequila, Peruvian Pisco, Scottish Whisky (obviously someone who knows me well), Belgian Trappist Ale, Prague Absinthe and Cayan Mudslide (I think they meant Cayman as the only Cayan I could find is a Middle East real estate developer. I doubt the developer has their own drink).

So, what are the plans for Drop Me Anywhere in the new year? First, rent out my house! Yes, I’ve decided to rent it instead of selling it simply because it’s in a fabulous, growing area and I think the investment in the housing values will help finance more travel (or getting set up in a new location) when I finally do sell it (but, if you do want to buy it, heck, plans are made to be broken). So, I need to rent it. . . now! Any takers? Spread the word. It’s on Craig’s List right near downtown Gilbert, Arizona.

The obvious next question is, “Where will you live?” Well, I heard you might have an extra bedroom. No? Okay, then I’ll be going location independent. “What the heck is that?” you ask. While you (or a friend, or a friend of a friend) are renting my house, I’ll be house-sitting around the world. I’ve signed up with a couple of house-sitting services and, in between Drop Me Anywhere trips (because those are done with minimal planning), I’ll stay in other people’s houses and take care of their pets. The only time I’ll stay in their place during a Drop Me Anywhere trip is if I’m able to snag a last-minute housing assignment (pretty much for people like me who hate to plan).

When will it end? Good question. I believe it will end when I have enough material for a book AND when I find my next job that I’m passionate about. I can’t provide a date as, well, that would be an awful lot like planning which, well, you know. . .


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Danny Choriki
9 years ago

There are lots of places to drink sake…

9 years ago

[…] I would like to salute the runners-up – Japanese Sake, which came in second, followed by Danish Snaps, French Champagne, Puerto Rican Rum, Prague Absinthe, Belgian Trappist Ale, Mexican Tequila, Scottish Whisky, Peruvian Pisco, and Cayan Mudslide (again, the official drink of a Middle Eastern real estate developer – read here). […]

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