DMA LogoHello Virtual Travel Buddies! Thought I’d better stop by and give you an update on the current vote, as well as tell you about another opportunity to vote. Oh, and a contest!

First, if you’re American, I hope you took advantage of your right to vote in your state elections last week. Through my travels, I’ve come to appreciate that many people in the world do not have this right and even if they do, many elections are not quite so democratic. (“Sure, you can vote for the candidate of your choosing but, if it’s not the one I’m pointing to, I’m sure you can live without some of your fingers.”) If you’re not American, I hope you had a good laugh at some of the craziness surrounding these campaigns.

Now, as for the current Drop Me Anywhere vote – the current balloting is showing the following:

There’s still twenty-voting days left so it’s anyone’s game! Don’t forget, you can vote once per day per electronic thing.

And now for the new voting opportunity I mentioned. I’m honored to have been nominated by for “The Best Travel Blog of 2015.” I know what you’re thinking – it’s not yet 2015. Yes, but I’ve always been ahead of my time. Think of it as traveling in a time machine then. However you come to terms with it, please vote for Drop Me Anywhere. Voting is only open there for a week and ends November 17. You can vote once per electronic device (unlike Drop Me Anywhere, you cannot vote once per day). I’d really appreciate it and would totally offer a prize but I think that might be a little unethical. Let’s just say that I’ll toast you on the upcoming “I’ll Drink to That” trip. And why do I think DMA should win this? Three reasons, it’s the only one listed that includes good (some may say great) info. as well as some humor to brighten your day. Also, it’s the only one where you, the readers, get to decide where the writer goes. Finally, I believe that it’s the only one which includes volunteering on a regular basis. Sort of a “Do good, write good” thing. (Oh, write good? Probably not the best example.) So, if you’d like to throw a vote my way, you can VOTE HERE!

As for that time machine I mentioned, I’m curious – If you could do one round trip in a time machine, where and when would you go? Sometime in the past? How about the future? Share here and whoever submits the best answer, as judged by yours truly, will win an autographed copy of The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau. Besides also writing the NY Times Best seller The $100 Startup and The Art of Non-Conformity, Chris is the founder of the World Domination Summit which takes place in Portland, Oregon every summer. He’s also the founder of Pioneer Nation, Unconventional Guides and the Travel Hacking Cartel as well as an in demand public speaker. Oh, and he’s also visited every country in the world (if only he weren’t so lazy). I had the opportunity to meet Chris recently and felt I was meeting a kindred spirit. His book, The Happiness of Pursuit talks about people like me, calling us “Questers” and breaks down what this means and lessons the Questers profiled learned along the way in achieving their Quests. The book is helping me be, not just at peace with, but excited about the changes and sacrifices I’m making in order to continue on with Drop Me Anywhere and turn it into a book.

So, please tell me – if your Quest involved a time machine, where and when would you go? Please also explain why. You can write it in the comment section below and you might just win a book (or you might just inspire someone to think outside the box)! Please comment on this by November 30 for entry to win the book.

Now go Vote for DMA as Best Travel Blog and then tell me where to go!

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