Last month I presented to you my sad story of a solo-traveler alone for Valentine’s Day. I asked you to act as my dating service and choose the most romantic location in Europe for me to find love on Valentine’s Day. Some of you obviously put great thought into this and some of you, well, can I just say that Alaska is nowhere near Europe, I didn’t find love in Oak Park, Michigan the entire twenty-four years I lived there and, as for Amsterdam, while either will do in a pinch, sex and romance are not the same thing.

So now you’ve decided. Within two-weeks I’ll be hitting the road and heading to Budapest, Hungary. This will be a brand new country for me (#52) and, whether I find Mr. Right, Mr. Right Now, or simply a fine glass of wine, some good people and some interesting sites, I’m sure I’ll find something to love.

In the meantime, I’m hanging out in a tiny German town of 4,000, catching up on some work (yes, I actually write for other people), some sleep, and working on the Drop Me Anywhere book too. And speaking of that, I’ll share a little secret; I have found romance on the DMA road before (okay, perhaps it was the Amsterdam kind of romance) and I didn’t share it with you. You see, there are certain things best kept off the internet and even better, told in a juicy travel memoir. And they always ask, “Are you gonna write about me?” I’m never sure if they want me to or they don’t want me to.

So while I’m still not talking in regards to that, as the theme of this next trip is “Looking for Love,” well, I’ll be sure to let you know if I find it. You’ll just have to wait for the book to read the juicy bits. And besides, when I told a relative of that last experience, she suggested I name the book, “Around the World in 80 Lays.”

So, tune in tomorrow for one last fascinating story on my German adventure – this story falls into my Top 10 Travel Experiences. In the meantime, I’m headed out to buy some fancy lingerie.

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Stewart Mandy
9 years ago

You’ll love Budapest. Whether or not you will find love, I can’t say, but you will love the city. And everyone is model level handsome… which certainly makes it a pleasure to mingle… Be sure to go to one of the baths for the second DMA ‘naked moment’. A great way to spend a day when it’s cold outside. And it will be cold outside… Hope you have your fur coat with you!

9 years ago

Oops… I just went to vote and see the vote is closed…. I really wanted to sed you to Prague…. The “Paris of the east! Hoping Budepest pans out in the love department!

Stewart Mandy
Reply to  Drop Me Anywhere
9 years ago

They are both beautiful. The advantage of Budapest in my opinion is that it is more of a real city, while Prague is much more touristy. They are both lovely however, and quite similar.

Greg DuBois
Greg DuBois
9 years ago

I’m sure you would have found ‘love’ in Alaska but it would have been odd, as the saying goes. Good luck in Budapest. I have no idea where it is in the world beyond Europe. Never been to Europe. Have you been to the Himalayas? Certainly some word play available with that destination!

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