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To honor fellow adventurer Jimmy Buffet, we’ll begin this adventure with a tribute to his song ‘Boat Drinks” in which he sings, “I gotta fly to St. Somewhere.”

Voting for upcoming trip ends January 31, 2014 at 12:00 midnight EST (the same time my coach turns into a pumpkin). You can vote once per week!

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Laurie Chudnow
Laurie Chudnow
10 years ago

I think you might be missing winter, so I voted for St Paul, but St Cloud is just as good.

Jill Garvin
10 years ago

Hi Carole,
Voted and shared on FB! I thought I would be kind and help send you somewhere warm this time of year! Very exciting and creative venture you’ve created- love it! Will be following you!! – Jill

Emily Eichenhorn
Emily Eichenhorn
10 years ago

Oops. I’d change my vote to St. John from St. Thomas. I like St. John better and have always wanted to go back and spend more than the approximately 12 hours I had there as a cruise stop.

10 years ago

[…] Vote […]

10 years ago

Which location is in the lead now?

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