DrinkI need a drink! You see, I just received an offer on my house and, while I’m not sure if I’ll accept it yet, it’s got me, well, scared to death. Why am I selling my house? I described it in “Out With the Old, In With the Older,” in which I told you about selling my house to use the money to continue this project and write the Drop Me Anywhere blog and book full time.

So now, after putting a For Sale sign on my lawn, less than 24-hours later someone called with interest. Two days later they came to look at it and, in another two days, they made an offer. I really need a drink.

I’ve decided to base this next vote on that need and consulted an expert, Katherine Belarmino, who is half of the team that writes the blog Passports and Cocktails. She’s written an article called “10 Drinks Around the World” which sounds like a great start.

Either head over to her post by clicking here and then click on her link to the next Drop Me Anywhere vote, or click on “I’ll drink to that” and you’ll see a link to her article on the DMA voting page. However you choose to get there, put that drink down for just a minute (please use a coaster) and vote. And always remember to drink (and vote) responsibly.

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McCool Travel
9 years ago

You did not ask me (:D) but I suggest a Dark & Stormy, to represent this transition. Best wishes with the house sale.

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