Jungle BookWhen I was a little girl, one of my favorite movies was The Jungle Book. Honestly, I couldn’t, and still to this day can’t, tell you what it’s about. So why was it my favorite? Two reasons; the mall where we shopped when I was a kid had a statue of Mowgli sitting on top of Hathi, the elephant. It was a time and place where kids could, and wanted to, climb and play on the statue as opposed to concentrating on their Game Boy and being told not to touch things. The other reason is that I liked the names Mowgli and Baloo; they were just fun to say (still are).

Apparently, you agree. With apologies to Elsa and Anna, Aladdin and Jasmine, Merida, Mulan, and Simba, the winning location for this Drop Me Anywhere vote is India, the setting for The Jungle Book. I must say, I’m a bit surprised as you normally think outside the box (a nice way of saying you certainly have a mind of your own) and use that “other’ category liberally. Given the theme, I half expected to be “dropped” in Wonderland or Neverland which, by my calculations, might put me somewhere on Saturn. (“Second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning,” quote, Peter Pan.)

What happens now? Well, I apply for a visa, as required for Americans traveling to India. It gets a bit complicated as I won’t be flying home and therefore, can’t mail my passport off to get a visa in it as, I’m in Budapest. Luckily, India has the option of applying online and getting it stamped in your passport on arrival. Also, should I run into challenges, there’s an Indian embassy here in Budapest. And oh, yeh, yesterday I was in a shop and happened to run into the Indian Ambassador to Hungary and Bosnia & Herzegovina (how crazy is that?!). We traded business cards and I’m hoping Ambassador Mishra can help move things along. So yes, there must be a bit of planning, but the general travel without a plan theme remains the same.

I’ll let you know when I’m leaving – most likely March 8th or 9th. India is completely new and exotic for me and I can’t wait to travel with you there. Don’t forget to click the “follow” button (and the confirmation E-mail) to be an official Virtual Travel Buddy and maybe “like” on Facebook to become a fan (I hear it’s hot in India so I’ll need lots of fans). And of course there’s Twitter @DropMeAnywhere as well as on Instagram! Thanks to all who voted.

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9 years ago

[…] vote is now closed. Go to It’s a Jungle Book Out There to find out where we’re […]

Stewart Mandy
9 years ago

Should be very interesting! I’ve never been either…. looking forward to it!

9 years ago

you actually ran into the Indian Ambassador to Hungary? That was kismet! Good luck!

Susie Bitnias
Susie Bitnias
9 years ago

I’ll go visit Mogely at our old “stomping grounds” at Northland.. although I think the mall is in the process of being torn down.. :(. Safe travels, my friend!!! -Susie

Susie Bitnias
Susie Bitnias
9 years ago

I hope they put it in the Detroit Institute of Arts.. It’s truly is a beautiful sculpture. I’m certain they will do something special with our memorable jungle boy!!!!

Katie Featherstone (@featherytravels)
9 years ago

Wow, what a great idea. I hope all your paperwork gets sorted and you’re out there as soon as possible. I’m excited to read!

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