After a day out drinking rum. . . um. . . touring the rum distillery, Thelma and I return to Rosie’s house just outside of Hervey Bay. Throughout the day, my allergies, which have been bad on this side of the world due to different plant-life than I’m used to, have steadily worsened. My nose is stuffed and I’m feeling lethargic. While the tiredness could be due to the mid-afternoon rum break, as well as travel catching up with me, I’m pretty sure I have the answer. Ms. “I don’t think I’m contagious any more” was so incredibly wrong. Yup, she breathed her germy-germs over my shoulder while she was busy looking at my iPad and they flew right up my nose. I’m not sure which is worse; the stuffy head, runny-nose and hacking cough I develop throughout the night, or the anger I feel towards this woman. While I normally assume someone doesn’t actually want to pass on their germs, due to our interaction (read it here), I’m not so sure.
When we arrive back at the house, I give my computer a disgusted look and decide to, once again, try removing the battery. Today I’d remembered that, a few months after I’d first bought it, it wouldn’t turn on. I took the battery out and put it back in, pushed the power key countless times, and plugged it into various outlets, to no avail. Back then, I called the place where I’d purchased it and told them what was happening in hopes that it happens often and is easily fixed. Though it was under warranty, I was told that, unless I paid $150, they would need to keep it for two-weeks. This all happened in an airport so, I did what any sane person would do, I went to the bar. While sucking up my Bloody Mary (why do I only crave these when flying?) I mentioned my computer frustration to the bartender who told me to remove the battery and (if I remember correctly) wave it around in the air in a figure-eight motion. Really? First, I explained that, even while plugged in, the computer didn’t work, so the battery would have nothing to do with it and, secondly, well, really? Wave it like a magic wand?
I was desperate and, as I’d just disembarked the Disney cruise ship I’d been working on, well, I removed the battery, said the magic words, “Bibbidy, Bobbidy, Boo!” while waving around the battery and placed it back into its spot. I pushed the power button and, lo-and-behold, my computer came to life. The bartender received a two hundred-percent tip as she doubled as my IT department.
Today, I try this magical method and, yup, you guessed it, my computer came to life. I have no idea of the actual computer scientific reason, except that it really is magic. With my computer screen lit, I can see that my battery charging seems to be going on and off. There seems to be a problem with the power connection and, as the charger connection to the computer became loose last month, I have a feeling I still need a repairman. Still, I’m thrilled to know approximately where the problem lies.
After a fabulous seafood dinner (thanks Rosie!), a glass of wine, and another of fine single malt scotch (I may have been too stressed for scotch yesterday, but I’m not too sick for it tonight) I head off to bed feeling pitiful.
GingerI awake in the morning not feeling much better and, after a cup of coffee and a goodbye to Rosie, Thelma and I are back on the road. Our first stop is back at Retro Espresso for a cup of coffee and a peek at the Hippie Shop across the road. Next, we head over to the Ginger Factory where they manufacture redheads . . . wait, no, they make ginger. Well, actually, god makes ginger, but they make most things that come from ginger. Unfortunately, the next factory tour doesn’t depart for forty-five minutes, and the Super Bee tour, which shows the honey-making process, is done for the day (not interested anyway). This leaves us with the other options of taking the Ginger Train around the gardens, or the Overboard boat tour which will have us chasing after the Gingerbread Man. I have no desire to be the Gingerbread Man’s stalker so and the train isn’t very appealing so we sit and have a ginger tea and a scone.
Ginger Bread ManWe drive a bit more before stopping for a quick look at Matilda, the eighteen-meter tall Kangaroo, who made her first appearance at the 1982 Commonwealth Games and now stands watch behind a gas station.
KangarooFollowing our photo opportunity, we’re back on the road and headed back towards Thelma’s house in Brisbane. We make a stop at a computer store where the man tells me he’ll have to send my computer out, and it could take a week to repair. He insists that my power cord is not the correct one for my computer while I repeatedly tell him that it came with the computer when I bought it new four-years ago. Besides that, it’s a Sony, as is my computer, and it is, in fact, the correct cord for my computer. I thank him and we head over to another computer repair place which Thelma knows. These guys seem to know a bit more and, after a moment of saying that this doesn’t look like the correct cord, the owner of the place wanders over and realizes that there’s an attachment to the motherboard which seems to have come unattached and disappeared. They’re convinced they can get the part. The question becomes how long it will take to get, as they can repair it within about an hour after receiving the part.
I get a call the following morning saying the computer repair shop can get the part the next day so, there’s hope that I’ll be renting a camper van the day after tomorrow. I think I’ll head north as, well, the further north I go, the warmer it becomes. Brisbane is fine but, in a camper van, any further south might be a bit chilly and I’m over the cold (both in my nose and in the air).
Next up – A working computer (hopefully) and a do-over in a camper van.

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Janette aka Kiras Mom.
Janette aka Kiras Mom.
8 years ago

Have had so much Fun travelling with Louise 🙂 xx Thelma

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