The voting has just ended and, wow, you’ve been busy this past couple of days! You seem to have spent a lot of time voting. Don’t you have jobs to attend to? Or is this something you do while at work?  I promise not to tell your boss as I do appreciate you taking the time to tell me where to go. (You’re not the first and I don’t expect you’ll be the last.)
There’s been a real battle happening between Colombia and Belize. In fact, the last two days of voting have been crazy and as of the voting deadline tonight, we have a tie. This is a first in Drop Me Anywhere history. What to do?

As I’ve sold my house and have just finished a lovely vacation with my sister, tomorrow I’ll fly from Denver to Miami where I’ll enjoy a Cuban sandwich or two and check on the vote tomorrow, July 22 at 10:00pm Eastern Time. Whichever location is in the lead is where I will head to within two weeks and without much of a plan.
So please, make up my mind. Choose a place, vote, share it on social media and TELL ME WHERE TO GO!
Click here to get to the poll.

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To the drop me anywhere community

Thanks for joining us.
I hope you enjoy traveling with us virtually and maybe even in person

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