Well hello Virtual Travel Buddies. I know it’s been a while and I’m sure you thought I might have been lost at sea (or maybe lost on translation. . . or lost in love. . . or even lost in space). No need to warn Will Robinson, I’ve just been incredibly busy figuring out my future.
While I’m anxious to post more themed votes for you to decide where we travel to next, however that ongoing pain in my neck (or, perhaps, a little lower down) keeps rearing (ha! Rearing) its ugly head; in one word – money, cash, flow, dinero, capital, bread, bucks, dough, pesos, coinage, loot, bankroll. . . uh, ok, perhaps more than one word. So, for the time being, the votes will have to wait. I still need to find a way to earn some cash as I’ve developed some nasty habits which are dependent on having some money; you know, eating, sleeping with a roof of some sort over my head and, perhaps, having health care. (While I feel like a citizen of the world, I continue to be an official citizen of the United States, at least that’s what my passport says, and that means I need some wealth to take care of my health.)
Jelly Bean RowSo, here’s a bit of what’s kept me so busy, where I am now, and what I’m working on for both my future, and the future of Drop Me Anywhere. First, I’m back where it all began, St. John’s, Newfoundland. Remember when I asked you where Jimmy Buffet might have been referring to when he sang, “I gotta fly to St. Somewhere” and you decided it was nowhere near the Caribbean, but was instead in the far east. No, not the Far East, as in East Asia, but far east Canada. . . in February. (Click here for those first stories) You may remember that I eventually sold my car, furniture and clothing, and used my savings in order to commit to Drop Me Anywhere full time. Well, that’s pretty much left me in what they call a location independent situation. Yes, I have a house (more on that in a minute) but, with absolutely nothing in it, it’s less than comfortable. So I decided to return to my initial place of inspiration for a couple of weeks in order to figure out my future.

My house. . . perhaps.

While in St John’s, I’ve been working on a few things; the first being selling my house. Yup, it’s become a burden. After a sad story with renters, I either have to live there or sell it. Since jobs have been a bit elusive, well, paying that mortgage, and those soon to come outrageous Phoenix summertime electric bills, will be more challenging than finding underwear in Asia to fit my ample American derrière. As so much of this journey has been about learning to live with less, it seems that giving up my house might have always been on the path. Still, it’s an emotional decision and one which I continue to work to believe is the correct one. And, once I sell my house, my hope is that it will allow me to post some more votes.
I’ve also been snagging some freelance tour directing work. It’s one of my favorite past careers which I left fifteen years ago. (I didn’t leave it by choice, but due to the lack of work after 9/11.) Unfortunately, the pay hasn’t increased much since then and the only benefits are frequent flyer miles (a pretty good benefit, I’ll admit). I’ll be heading to Amsterdam next week and, though my work doesn’t involve coffee shops, I’m sure it’ll be fun anyway.
A large part of my time is being spent writing the Drop Me Anywhere book . Yes, for quite a long time I’ve promised a book about this journey. And, while I’ve told you much of what has happened during the past two years of this project, I haven’t quite told it all (sorry). The book is my chance to do that, as well as tell you how I felt about things that happened, how it’s changed me and the lessons learned from it all. I hope you’ll find it funny, touching, interesting and, most importantly, inspiring. I’ve received so many E-mails and comments,  via E-mail, social media and in person, from people telling me that my journey and willingness to make bold moves has inspired them. I hope this book will also do that, as well as entertain.
And speaking of bold moves and inspiration, here’s one more thing I’m working on. While I’ve enjoyed connecting with so many of you through the Drop Me Anywhere website and social media channels, I think we should meet. And not just me and you, but with some of the amazing and inspiring women I’ve been lucky enough to meet in my travels around the world (currently 60 countries, by the way, and soon to be 61 – Norway, here I come). I’m in the beginning stages of planning the Female Empowerment Mission Summit (FEMS). Will there be yoga? No. Will there be a lululemon Trunk Show? Not a chance. Will there be speakers to share their stories of bold moves, women working in traditionally men’s fields, business advice and planning, re-careering and reinvention, volunteering opportunities, networking and more? Hell yes! While this summit will be inspiring to all women, it will be especially beneficial to women in the second-half of their lives who, like me, never had kids, or to those whose kids are, or are soon to be, adults, and are wondering, ‘Is that it? I’ve got a lot of time left in this life. What’s next?’ I hope this will not only help you figure that out, but also provide some tools, networking, and confidence to help you do it.
As you can see, much is happening.
If you’re interested in an E-mail letting you know when the book is coming out and maybe pre-ordering, please click here and tell me so and I’ll add you to the E-mail list. I promise not to spam or stalk you (unless you’re Clooney and, in that case, I make no promises).
If you’re interested in the Female Empowerment Mission Summit (FEMS), please click here and tell me and I’ll add you to the E-mail list for future information. (I love spreadsheets!).
My House
My house. . . perhaps.

If you’re interested in buying my house (1700 SF, downtown Gilbert, AZ, 3/2, pool, fireplace, 2 car garage, nice neighbors) click here and name a song with the word “house” in it and I’ll give you more information. Oh, and here’s the MLS listing (it might work): My house for sale
And I’ll be returning to a previous Drop Me Anywhere destination in just a couple of weeks. It’s where I feel in love. Any guesses?

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8 years ago

Good-luck with all your future endeavors, Carole. That book sounds intriguing as well as FEMS, but I’m in my golden years and leading a quiet, creative life with a knee that hinders physical adventures. My adventures are in my mind! Ha ha!

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