Quidi Vidi Vici

The plan for today is to head on over to Quidi Vidi, a tiny fishing village in St. John’s. Quidi Vidi Village (pronounced Kiddy Viddy) was used after World War II for the… Continue reading

Through Rain, Sleet and the Frosty Festival

Don’t forget, this series starts with “Oh Canada.” You might want to check it out. Today I wake up (very late) to freezing rain being pounded against windows at 100km per hour. For… Continue reading

Stepping Up to Signal Hill

To get there I’m told to head east and just keep walking uphill. While there is a beautiful hiking trail leading up to Signal Hill, I’m warned not to attempt it during the winter as it surely means death. While not one to head warnings of danger easily (if the sign says, “Welcome, come in!” there’s normally a little less adventure than if it says, “Danger, keep out!”), I had been cautioned by a few people so I decide to not die in St. John’s on my first full day here.

Playing in Pubs and Dungeons

Have you read “Oh Canada” yet? No? You should start there. After a long day of flying I land in St. John’s, New Foundland at 7:00pm. It was founded in 1497 and is… Continue reading

Oh Canada

I land in Toronto with nearly ninety minutes to get through immigration and customs, re-check my luggage and get to my gate. I get in the very long line that says, “U.S. Citizens.” They have two windows open and about 100 people waiting in line. After standing in line for about 15 minutes, they close one of those windows. Beginning to get a bit nervous about making my connection, I try to get the attention of the lady telling people which window to go to (uh, again, there’s only one window open). I’ve watched her sourly shout at people, not once saying hello or cracking what could possibly be construed as a smile.

We Have a Winner

We have a winner for our first vote on Drop Me Anywhere, and let me just say, you people have a sense of humor. Without further ado (feelin’ a bit Shakespearean), our winner… Continue reading

Miles to Go Before I Sleep

You may have noticed the little tab on the top of this page called, “Donate Miles.” It was my version of a “Kickstarter” campaign where, instead of donating money to this project, you’d… Continue reading

What the heck is this?

Have you ever wanted to travel someplace but been overwhelmed by the prospect of planning your trip? Or are you the person who feels you must have every minute of your trip planned… Continue reading