So here I am in Phoenix, anxiously promoting the Drop Me Anywhere Kickstarter project and watching the weather lady tell me we’re flirting with 100 degree temperatures. I think, “Well, I do like to flirt, but that’s normally for someone or something I want.” Let me be clear, I do not want 100 degree temperatures (note I am speaking of 100 degrees Fahrenheit as, while it may feel boiling, 100 degree Celsius would literally be boiling and I despise the overuse of the term literally).

Anyway, it feels as if it’s time to put a closing date on this latest vote on where to drop me and get outta town. Besides, this vote has felt much like the American election season where the talk of voting goes on forever. A reminder of this month’s voting theme – A tribute to The Talking Heads. That’s right; I’m asking you to “Take Me to the River.” What River? The current numbers are as follows:

With 69 votes we have the Willamette River in Oregon – don’t they have a lot of wine there? Nice.

With 34 votes we have the Thames River in London, England – ooh, perhaps the Queen will have me over for tea.

With 10 votes is the Tiber River – When in Rome I’ll do as the Romans do (what exactly is that?).

Tied with the Tiber, with 10 votes is the Danube – I must take some waltzing lessons.

The Mighty Mississippi River comes in with 5 votes – I can almost hear the coffee and beignet’s calling.

Also with 5 votes is the Nile – You’ll notice The Bernie Project listed under organizations we like. They’re based in Uganda which is on the Nile. It would be great to visit those kids at the Wakiso School of Hope.

Next up is the Zambezi – Because anyplace with to “Z’s” in the name must be exotic.

With 2 votes we have the River Hull – What? Never heard of it? Well, the people in Hull, England have. It’s never dull in Hull.

Finally, with 1 vote each we have the Murray River – somewhere in Australia, the Hillsborough River in Florida (thanks to my sister), and the Amazon River – I’ve always wanted to swim with piranhas.

Don’t forget, you can click “Other” and write in your own choice of river. Be creative but, if you’re serious about me going there, you’ll need to get your friends to vote for that location too.

The closing date for the vote is April 30th at 12:00 midnight Eastern Daylight Time. You may remember that I said it was contingent on my successful Kickstarter project. Well, that sure would make this more doable. The Kickstarter won’t cover the whole cost, but I’ll cover the rest (after all, it’s Kickstarter, not Kickcompleter). I’m offering great rewards for your backing (plan on buying the book later? Just buy it now by making a pledge of $30 or more) and this project involves volunteering and philanthropy. While I’d truly appreciate your help, I will sell my house should the Kickstarter be unsuccessful, as sometimes you just need to take the leap.

So please, vote. And, you know, throw some cash at the Kickstarter campaign. Both end right around the same time. Oh, and share all of it please. I know you’re all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. So am I! This is the one time I’ll approve of gossiping.

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