Hi! Me again. “What?” you say. “Shouldn’t you be booking a flight? Planning your trip?” Um, do you even know me? Planning? We don’t need no stinkin’ planning. As for the flight – got it! And guess what. I leave in three days. Why so soon? Well, I believe the Mayans have waited long enough (I mean really, it’s been at least 1,000 years). Well that and I found a great airfare.

Spirit AirplaneI’ll be flying Spirit Airlines to Cancun, Mexico and travel around some of the Yucatan Peninsula exploring ancient Mayan ruins, meeting people along the way, and experiencing some of the things they tell me are worth my time. I hear some of you questioning my choice of airline. Spirit, after all, is known as a low-cost, á la carte airline with which you only get what you pay for. I’ve paid $325 for a round-trip flight from Phoenix to Cancun, one reserved seat on one flight, and one checked bag, no more than 40 pounds (yikes). Yup, getting only what I pay for. As my last flights for the Ireland trip cost $1331, and I was left feeling like I got much less than I paid for and left me wondering if I had to pay extra to be treated with respect (didn’t read it? Start here), I thought I’d try something different. Okay, my flight leaves at 1:00am on Tuesday morning and I return home ten days later at midnight, but hopefully I’ll actually leave sometime near the scheduled time which will already be an improvement.

I hope to rent a car and stay for at least a few nights in most locations in order to get to know the people and the area better. Again, I’ll go where the wind takes me. An exciting factor on this trip is that I’ll be traveling to a country where English is not the primary language. While I don’t speak Mayan (hhmmm, I wonder if that’s on Google Translate), I do have two years of high school Spanish under my belt (I didn’t do well). I can even say, “To me squeeze much the shoes,” which should really come in handy. I actually speak a bit more Spanish but, as you may know, I worked on ships, so much of that was learned from sailors. How do you say, “How much is the bail?” in Spanish?

In addition to writing for Drop Me Anywhere, I’ll also be writing more traditional travel articles on this trip for examiner.com as well as The Yucatan Times.

If you haven’t already followed, please click the “Follow” link (on the bottom of the home page or to your right on other pages) to become a Virtual Travel Buddy and receive notification as soon as I publish a story on Drop Me Anywhere. Don’t forget to leave your comments if you have any feedback, questions or recommendations. While I love hearing about your experiences, I store them in the back of my head and keep them in mind, but never actually plan where to go. Also, in the past, if I found myself at a loss of what to do, or in a moment of indecision, I’ve been known to ask Siri for her opinion. I think my Virtual Travel Buddies might have some better ideas so, if you follow Drop Me Anywhere on Facebook or Twitter, I may ask for a “flash decision or recommendation.” I hope you’ll help me out.

As always, I look forward to sharing this trip with you. Thanks for your continued support.

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Stewart Mandy
9 years ago

Actually people DO speak Mayan even now… Approx 6 million according to Wikipedia (probably a slight exaggeration).

While you are in the Yucatan peninsula you will hear it and see it… printed signs, radio, people talking, primarily in the villages and rural areas!


9 years ago

Spanish will be enough

9 years ago

Very exciting 🙂 Definitely hoping you have a less eventful trip this time. Wonder what the equivalent of your “tastes of Ireland” Chuppa Chupp is? You’ll have to let us know 😉

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