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You voted and I’m going. I leave for Ireland on July 23 or, as they say over there, 23 July (see, I’ve been learning the language). I’ll fly into Shannon, which is in the west, as it’s quite a bit less expensive to fly there than to Dublin. As it only takes just over two hours to drive across the country from west to east (also from east to west!), it seems like a good trade-off. I’ll stay 12 days and see just a bit of the country while I’m there.

After landing in Shannon, I’ll begin the journey by spending a few days in the neighboring city of Limerick. From there I’ll begin making my way east by bus or train where, at some point, I hope to stumble upon Phoenix Park, which is where you, my treasured Virtual Travel Buddies decided to “drop me” this time.

In honor of my visit to the town of Limerick, I’ve decided to hold the first ever, Drop Me Anywhere Travel Limerick Contest. I know you’ve heard of the funny and often a bit dirty limerick poetry. So here’s your chance to be a writer.

The rules:

–          The rhyming scheme of a limerick is AABBA. Therefore lines 1,2 and 5 all end in a rhyme. Lines 3 and 4 end in a different rhyme.

–          Lines 1,2 and 5 are generally longer and lines 2 and 4 are shorter.

–          The theme of your limerick should be TRAVEL.

–          Either write your entry in the comment section (leave a reply) on this article or submit it through the “contact page” on the menu on the top.

–          All entries must be original. No copying off your neighbor or, perhaps, somebody on the internet. Play nice. Don’t plagiarize.

–          Dirty? Well, a little double entendre is always enjoyable, but please, I have readers whose mothers read this. I reserve the right to block anything that might be truly offensive. Entries will be reviewed for offensive language before being approved.

–          On that note, the judging is final and guess what, I’m the judge!

–          Enter as often as you like.

–          Entries must be submitted by July 31, 2014 and the winner will be announced on August 5, the day after I return.

Here’s an example of a limerick that would fit the theme:

There once was a girl from the States

And planning her travel she hates

So readers decide

Where next she will ride

She goes where adventure awaits

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for – the prize! The winner of the Drop Me Anywhere Travel Limerick Contest will win a lovely gift imported directly from the motherland (Ireland, in this case). If at all possible, it will be some genuine Irish Whisky but, due to alcohol shipping laws, it may, in fact, be some other amazing gift from an Irish distillery. It’ll almost be like you’re in Ireland drinking with me (although if you were with me, you’d be buying)!

A few hints to help you get started – there are great choices of rhyming dictionaries online including:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Also helpful is

So get your entries in, share the fun with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, or maybe while sitting at the bar.

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Barbara Gabriel
9 years ago

There was a young lass from Leeds
Whose diary was filled with good deeds
She fed and she cleaned
Toes to Heads and between
Had she traveled, it’d be a great read.

Barbara Gabriel
Barbara Gabriel
9 years ago

A woman who went to Kinsale
Never thought she would spot such a whale
When she tried to free Willy
The man laughed himself silly
But offered to pay for her bail

Susie Bitnias
Susie Bitnias
9 years ago

There once was a girl from Oak Park, with a gleam in her eye and a spark. With all of her travels, her future unravels. One never knows where she’ll embark!

Stewart Mandy
9 years ago

It’s not Shakespeare. But he didn’t write limericks either as far as I know.

A young lady who was feeling quite flighty,
Flew in the general direction of ‘Blightly’,
Her plan was quite clear; she was there for the beer,
And found the ‘craic’ in Ireland to be mighty.

Rosanne Rogers
Rosanne Rogers
9 years ago

To Ireland, young Carol has come.

For merriment, adventure and fun.

She stopped at a pub,

For Guinness and grub,

And “Erin Go Braugh-less” was done.

9 years ago

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Susie Bitnias
Susie Bitnias
9 years ago

With green eyes, red hair and a grin, where would a traveler fit in??! “Off to Ireland”, said she. “T’is the place I should be”, she said with her pint, “Let’s begin!!!”

Susie Bitnias
Susie Bitnias
9 years ago

A swimmer in Loch Ness one day, waived ‘hello’ to some sailors at bay. “A monster!”, they wailed, scaring her, head to tail. So spooked, she n’er came back to play.

Susie Bitnias
Susie Bitnias
Reply to  Susie Bitnias
9 years ago

(Or she n’er came back that way! Either works for me! ;). )

9 years ago

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Michelle Gordon
Michelle Gordon
9 years ago

There is a cute playboy named Kent
And perusing the world is his bent.
He does not return
‘Til it’s time to earn
When every last penny is spent.

9 years ago

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Christopher Tolen
9 years ago

A woman was travelin’ abroad
With no luggage, she looked very odd
But her goal to reach
An exclusive nude beach
Was a secret between her and God

9 years ago

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9 years ago

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9 years ago

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