Here it is, my end of location article. This is where I tell you what was good about Lord Howe Island, what was not-so-good, and who I need to thank for helping me along the way in Lord Howe. I‘ll also provide all of the links to accommodations, restaurants, and activities which were listed in the various articles, all here in one handy list. It’s a great article to bookmark should you every have the good fortune of visiting Lord Howe Island.
I normally also include a budget, listing what I spent and where I spent it but, have you ever heard the expression, “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it”? Well, this might refer to Lord Howe. Also, as I stayed with Farmer Jane and Kongy for at least a week, well, as the commercial says, that’s “Priceless.” Suffice to say that,a s expensive as LHI is this time of year (it’s winter here), prices pretty much double in the summertime.
First, let’s begin with The Good:View pointThe beauty – well slap my bum and call me Gladys, this place is unreal. You know those cartoons where they draw the place in such a way that it could only exist in a cartoonist’s eye? Yup, this is. UNESCO had the right idea when, in 1982, they named this a World Heritage Site.
Oh, and that’s another thing; they care about their UNESCO listing. I’ve been to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites and so often, the people and their governments take it for granted. Lord Howe Islanders will go to extreme measures to see that they don’t lose this. Check out one way they’re working to maintain their beauty on Rebel-With-A-Cause.
BonfireThe people – this island of 350-people is a community. They may gossip about each other, but they also care about each other.
Lack of WiFi and cell phone networks –  What? That’s good? Well, it can be.If you’re looking at having a vacation where your kids aren’t glued to their phone texting, or your wife isn’t looking for things on Pinterest, or where you can truly escape from work, this is the place.
The ease of getting around – Yup, it’s small. While you can walk to many places, it’s best to rent a bike during your stay and use pedal-power. And just think of how fit you’ll be when you leave.
The simplicity – While some things are difficult – WiFi, good hair-products, specific foods, furniture – other things make up for it. If you’re a local, you can walk into Joy’s Shop, buy some groceries and, if you’re short on cash, ask them to write it in the book. Yup, just like Nellie Olsen’s mom’s store, locals can just put it on their store credit (no interest) and pay-up every month-or-so. And going to the historical movie which the school-kids put on is part of this too.
HikingFishThe hiking – if you’re a hiker, you’ll find some of the best day-hikes in the world.
The fishing – See hiking.
The Bad
The prices – as most things must be shipped in, the cost of even basic food items is pretty darned high.
Availability of things – Yes, you can buy some clothes, some toiletries and some souvenirs, but your choices are very limited and, again, it’ll cost you. (For god sake, someone open a sushi restaurant!)
Rainy-day options – should the weather not cooperate, your rainy-day options here are very limited. The only movie theatre is set up with folding chairs and shows one movie per-week; the one of the history of Lord Howe Island and the flying boats.
Lack of WiFi – Yeh, I know I put it on the “Good” list. It simply depends of your individual needs The museum paid a huge amount of money for a satellite dish and pay’s each month too. This spend is passed onto those who choose to buy it. It looks like others will have to consider purchasing dishes as, just prior to my departure, it was announced that the island’s only internet company was pulling out due to lack of people using it (again, there are only about 350 people living on the island).
The Thank-you’s
Farmer Jane
A HUGE thanks to Farmer Jane and Kongy. I can’t find the words to express how grateful I am for your hospitality (and I’m a writer!). You invited me into your home, showed me your beautiful island, and helped me to experience all it has to offer. (And Farmer Jane, you let me beat you at golf.)
Glass Bottom BoatThanks to Chase ‘n’ Thyme Tours, Lord Howe Environmental Tours and Leanda Lei Apartments for the amazing tours and wonderful place to stay. GuideWhile they offered me comps and discounts, like George Washington, I cannot tell a lie, these activities and accommodations offer a great product. The tour companies helped me get to know, and see the beauty of, this amazing place on land and under the sea. And Leanda Lei offered me a comfortable place to lay my head and, if I chose to, cook a meal.
Weed teamThank-you to the Weed Team for allowing me to tag along with you. I learned so much about the flora and fauna of the island, as well as how hard you work. It was nice to see the pride you take in your job and your island. Curious about this project? Maybe want to volunteer with them? Read about the on Rebel-With-A-Cause.
Thanks to the students and teachers at the Lord Howe Central School. I appreciated the opportunity to speak with you, maybe inspire you, and meet you. You live in a special place and I hope you appreciate it. Still, when you get older, don’t be afraid to go out and explore the world; you can always come back home.
Finally – thanks to you, my Virtual Travel Buddies. Thanks for choosing where we travel to, following along, and sharing the articles. You’ll never know how much your support for this project has meant.
The Links
Leanda Lei Apartments
Activities and Interests
Chase ‘n’ Thyme Tours
Lord Howe Environmental Tours
Lord Howe Island Golf Club
Lord Howe Island Museum
Coral Cafe
Qantas Airlines
Lord Howe Weed Team
Lord Howe Island Visitors Bureau
Lord Howe Island Central School

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Janette aka Kiras Mom.
Janette aka Kiras Mom.
8 years ago

Fabulous review.. I am SOOooo excited to be returning to this piece of Paradise to welcome in the new year and to also see Farmer jane, Kongy and relax in this beautiful wee part of the world. 🙂 xx Hope we get to meet you too!! depends I know on the VOTE.. Ho! HO! HO!! and a Bottle of RUM… should do it!! arrrr…

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