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Carole Rosenblat

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Hello adventurous Virtual Travel Buddies. I’m taking on a new adventure. That would be transferring my WordPress hosted website to a self-hosted one. It’s called migrating and makes me feel a bit like a bird. I’ve never been a fan of birds; don’t understand birdwatchers. I feel like the bird doesn’t seem to know its a red-crested bing-a-bong blue jay bird, so why should I? Also, I’m pretty jealous of them as, to no one’s surprise, I would love to be able to fly.

Enough of my bird rant, here’s what it means to you. The domain name remains the same – If you are a subscribed follower through E-mail, I’m hoping to successfully transfer that to the self-hosted site. If you have subscribed through WordPress Reader, please, oh please, resubscribe. You know I don’t spam and I truly do appreciate you accompanying me on these adventures. Hopefully, all should be set by the end of the week so maybe you stop by and resubscribe. And maybe I send you a bottle of scotch to thank you. I said MAYBE.

The site won’t look the same as I’ll be doing a redesign and it may take a few to make it look all pretty and nice. But, again, it remains I’ll also be sharing a page for the tour company I recently announced. It’s in the works but I am now officially, Drop Me Anywhere, LLC. And that is the name the tours will go by. Again, the tours are just for women or those identifying as such (sorry guys), but I hope both our lovely female and handsome male Virtual Travel Buddies will continue to join me on unplanned trips. I hope to post future votes once I make a bit of money from these tours.

So, that’s it. I truly do appreciate your support over these last few years and hope you’ll subscribe to the new and improved Drop Me Anywhere.

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To the drop me anywhere community

Thanks for joining us.
I hope you enjoy traveling with us virtually and maybe even in person

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