Well, hello there Virtual Travel Buddies. Just because I’m not currently traveling doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about you. Yes, I’m back in the lovely Phoenix summer frying my eggs on the sidewalk and baking cookies on the dashboard of my car. Oh, and deciding to sell my house so I can do a Drop Me Anywhere trip once-a-month (that decision is a lot easier when you’re using oven-mitts to hold onto the steering wheel of your car).

Just a couple of updates for you in case you’ve missed them:

First, if you read “The Joys of Indoor Plumbing” you’ll remember that I volunteered at The Dining Room, a great organization which uses a “Restaurant model” approach in place of your typical “soup kitchen” in order to give both food and respect to those having challenges with poverty. Well, you can read more about what the organization does, who they help and how you can get involved in, “Dignity. It’s What’s for Dinner” on my philanthropic site Rebel-With-A-Cause.

Next, have you voted?

“What?” you say. “Is it time to elect a President again? Normally I hear about this at least two years in advance! I sure wish they’d come up with a way to vote online.”

No, it’s not time for another Presidential election. Trust me, you’ll hear about it long before you need to cast that ballot. But it is time to vote on where to “drop me” next! Yes, that’s right, voting on the next Drop Me Anywhere trip is up and running. No theme song this time, but not to worry, it will be a walk in the park. Literally! The theme is “A Walk in the Park.” And the good news is, unlike the U.S. elections, I’ve made it very easy for you; you can vote online! All you need to do is go to “A Walk in the Park – Vote” and click on the park and location you think I should explore and tell you about. Oh, and you can vote more than once. That’s right, none of that silly one man/woman, one vote. You can vote once per day, per electronic device.

Apparently, there is currently a group who would like me to partake in lots of Guinness drinking (who am I to argue?) or, perhaps, they want to convert me from my regular drink of Scotch Whiskey to the Irish sort. Still, there are nine other options around the world to vote for with many people to meet and adventures to have. So far, you’ve gotten me locked in a dungeon and visiting a nudist resort, so who knows what kind of trouble you can get me into with the options listed.

So please vote – voting end July 5, unless you’re not in America and then it ends 5 July – and follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumbr and/or Google+. And, you know, share the DMA love, because who wouldn’t want to be a Virtual Travel Buddy!

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To the drop me anywhere community

Thanks for joining us.
I hope you enjoy traveling with us virtually and maybe even in person

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