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Willamette River
photo courtesy of Lizard Head Cycling Guides

Hello Virtual Travel Buddies. Just thought I’d update you on the Kickstarter and the upcoming Oregon trip.

As far as the Kickstarter project goes – it was, for the most part, unsuccessful. I say “for the most part” because, while the final financial goal was not reached and I will therefore, not get any money, there were other successes. Those came in lessons learned.

First, I learned how to mount a Kickstarter campaign. It’s no small task. I did a lot of research before (very different than my travel style), conversed with others who had run successful Kickstarter campaigns, watched tutorials (paid more attention than I did in college) and read all kinds of blogs, articles and general information on crowdfunding campaigns. The most important input I received from others who had run campaigns was as follows: fulfilling the rewards is the hardest part and, you’ll be surprised by who gives and who does not. They were definitely on the mark there. Strangers, former clients, friends of friends, they all gave. Yet, when some friends said they couldn’t wait to buy the book I told them they didn’t have to. They could give $30 to the campaign and consider it their pre-order. I never heard from them again. I chalk it up to an instant gratification society. We want it and we want it now!

I learned that the support wasn’t about the amount of money pledged, but just the thought that people believed either in the project or in me – or, dare I say, both? From those who pledged $10 to those who gave $500, each gave me the warm fuzzies and felt like a big cyber-hug. And even those who didn’t pledge, but shared my campaign via social media and in person put a huge smile on my face. Everyone’s financial situation is different (if you read some of my previous work on My Own Adventure, you know that I understand this) yet there are ways to support people even if you’re short on cash (by the way, this was the original premise of Rebel-With-A-Cause – using your talent to help others). So to all those who supported my Kickstarter campaign, I say Thank You!

Let’s talk about what’s coming next. I will be continuing with this project and resulting book. I may re-launch the Kickstarter in the future is certain situations change. Of course I’ll let you know. In the meantime, I’ll be financing it myself.

I’ve made my plane reservations to fly to Portland as you voted to “drop me” in the Willamette River. I leave on May 19, which is just over two weeks from the end of the vote. While I try to depart within two weeks of the voting results, airfares were significantly less beginning on this date. I’ve also made reservations in Eugene through AirBnB for the first two nights of the trip. This will be my first experience with AirBnB and I’m anxious to tell you all about it. From there, I’ll play it by ear. I’ll stay until May 28 as the last few days of the tip will be spent in Portland visiting with friends and family. Some have already begun telling me, “You have to go to this place!” or “You must eat at this restaurant.” My response, “Um, thanks, but what part of unplanned don’t you understand?”

I will admit to being slightly disappointed that the Thames didn’t win. I love a nice cream tea and also a beer with an actual alcohol content. And my good friend from New York will be performing his show in a chocolate factory in London this month (no, he’s not an Oompa Loompa. He’s actually quite tall and not at all purple). So, instead of going to England and attending a concert in a chocolate factory, I’ll go to Oregon and drink wine while perhaps singing Karaoke. It’s really the same (if you drink enough wine).

Looking forward to traveling with you in eleven days!


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10 years ago

You’re in for a treat as Oregon beer dances rings around English beer!!

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