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Budapest, Hungary

Tokaj, Hungary

Krakow, Poland


July 7 – July 18, 2022


$3,800 (based on single occupancy)

Did you know that Hungary has 22 wine districts scattered throughout six wine regions? The country is only about the size of the state of Indiana. That’s a lot of wine. In fact, Hungary produces over 318,000 liters of wines annually, making it the 15th most active wine-producing country in the world. This is just one part of our 12-day adventure.

This tour will bring you up close to history, sharing the good, bad, and drunk history of Hungary and Krakow. We’ll explore the history of kings, wines, salt mines, religions, and wars in this fascinating region. We’ll enjoy unique vineyards and cellars, as well as gorgeous cities with fantastic food, incredible museums, historic sites, and fun things to walk around and explore.

Things to consider – this is not a religious tour. This explores the history and culture of the region which includes religious sites and history. Also, as someone who lives in the region, please don’t let recent events in neighboring countries dissuade to from coming. Both Poland and Hungary have assisted with refugees and, though it hasn’t interfered at all with the tourism services, they sure could use some income to continue to assist. 

Check out the itinerary below, reach out to me with any questions, or just click “Sign Me Up” to put down your deposit and reserve your spot. The maximum number on this trip is 20 women.

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